Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Rare Disease Day

It might seem wild to see me making a second post in one day, but there is another important topic that I have to talk about today.

Today is Rare Disease Day.

It is February 29th on leap years, but every other year it is February 28th.

It’s really important for us to acknowledge even the rare diseases, because while they may not be commonly seen, knowing that they exist and may be the cause of problems can change the lives of patients. As someone who is living with chronic illness, I feel that it is very important to recognize these diseases, because I know how it feels to be ignored or let down by the medical system.

This Week in Nail Art.... Or Not.

Okay, so right off the bat I'm going to own up to the fact that I said this post would be up yesterday, and here I am midday of the day after and it's still not posted. I wasn't expecting so many things to happen the way that they have, but they did, and it's made for a crazy week already.

Sunday night, Matt and I went out to a local bar with two friends of ours. It's a pretty well-known bar in the area, but not the most popular. It's more suited to older crowds, but they have free pool on Sundays, and Matt and our friend Cole love pool. I hadn't played much before, but Matt had me set up playing it on my phone so I could learn the rules and figure out some strategy.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Let's Catch Up

This Week in Nail Art is being postponed this week because I'm busy running some last minute errands for this week!

In case you've missed the posts over the past few weeks, I've compiled a list for you to catch up on what's going on this week.

It's reading week and I'm getting ready for a big trip! I can't center tell you just how excited I am. If you want to read more about it, check out these posts:

What. A. Week. & Looking Forward - The second half of this post is a detailed explanation of where Matt and I are going and why.

Longest Day Ever - This post tells you what I'm up to today, tomorrow and Tuesday, before I head out on the trip.

Introducing Matt - Matt helped me write this post to introduce himself before our big trip, seeing as I talk about him so much. He even played 20 Questions to help you get to know him!

Check these posts out and check back tomorrow for guaranteed new content!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

-Erika Elise

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Bring Back Wildhood

I have finally finished the first book of my upgrading math course, which means that I am officially one quarter done the course! It feels like a great accomplishment, but I still have to complete at least another three lessons in the next four days. But, right now it’s time for me to take a break from the math, which means that it’s writing time!

I actually have a pretty exciting post for today, though it is more of a far off dream than a current reality.

I have a deep love of travel. I love being able to see new places, be away from home, discover new cultures, and not be tied down. I love travelling by bus, train, plane or boat, and I’m happy to go to a new town, a new province or state or a new country. There are so many places in this world that I’d love to see at some point, but that’s a post for another day.

It’s always been a dream of mine to go on a long-term road trip with a travel trailer, throughout Canada and the USA. I love the idea of seeing as many places as possible, and spending time in different locations, but hate the limitations of other forms of accommodations. Hotels are nice, but they usually cost a lot more. Motels are a better price, but they’re more likely to have bedbugs, and be sketchy or decrepit. Neither of those options have a kitchenette. Vacation home rentals and AirbNbs are nice and usually have actual kitchens, but then you’re more limited to one locations.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Longest. Day. Ever.

Today is the last day of school before Matt and I are on our winter reading week. I’m currently sitting in my physics class, and honestly I’m struggling to pay attention. Between the excitement of the upcoming vacation, and the stress of the past week full of assignments and tests, I’m already more than a foot out the door. After this, I still have a three hour long communications class, and at the end of the day I have my physics lab. It’s going to be the longest day ever.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Introducing Matt

(Matt actually helped design his own title image for this post, so that gives you some more insight into his personality. He says he wish he could have put a fishy on it though, but we couldn't find a sticker for it. He may or may not have been drinking a little as we wrote this.)

I’ve been talking about him a lot over the past few week, and I figured it was time that I should write a post introducing you to him. Especially seeing as it’s less than a week from now that we’re going to be heading on a road trip to the United States, and for a whole week or two, I’ll be posting a series about our trip. We’re super excited to go for this trip, and to bring you guys with us through blog posts and hopefully short videos. So, it’ll be best if you already know him before we head out. Some of this information you’ve probably read before in other blogs, but here it all is in one concise little place!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


I'm so happy to announce that today I officially hit my first 1000 views on this blog.

Considering that this blog has only been live for 7 weeks, I am very happy with how the viewership has grown. I hope this is a good indicator of how it will grow in the future as well, as I write and post more and more on this blog. There's a lot of hard work that goes into writing content that is good enough to share on a public blog, but it is so worth my time. It is helping me to develop and maintain my writing skills, and it has given me a platform to share my opinion and talk about my life experiences.

It's hard to believe that seven weeks ago this was just a dream that was becoming a plan, and now here I am on my own blog, with my own custom domain, having reached 1000 views. It's a big step in growing this blog and creating a community here at Creative Clever Beautiful. I'm so thankful for each of you who stop here to read my posts.

That's not to say that there's not still some bumps in the road, such as, for example, that I was just recently made aware that Blogger asks every time if you click on one of my tabs if you're okay with being redirected to my new domain. I still need to figure out how to fix that problem.

Whether this is your first, your second or your seventeenth time here, I hope you will consider hitting that follow button on the right sidebar of the blog! This lets me know that you're here reading it, and will help me greatly as I develop this blog further.

Thank you for stopping here to read this, make sure you check out another post or two before you leave! Some of my hottest posts right now are:

The End of An Era: Good-bye HMV
In My Life: What The Hell World Tour
Adventures in Ottawa: Try Something(s) New!
Snapchat for the Blog: Hit or Miss?
In My Life: Living With Chronic Illness

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

-Erika Elise

P.S. If you're reading this and you know how to solve my redirect problem, please leave a comment or send me a message at creativecleverbeautiful@gmail.com!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Nine More Weeks

This week I’m holding on tight just trying to make it through. There are only three days left before I have my winter reading week (and my final reading week for college), but there is still so much to do. Today, I had a chemistry test, and it walloped me a little harder than I’d like to admit. I also have a formal lab in biology tomorrow, a math test coming up Thursday morning, a self-directed lab for chemistry due on Friday, and another three hour communications class to push through. The reading week will be a well appreciated break, even though I’ve got some communications homework to work on, and I’ve got to do at least three lessons of my other math course before we leave next week. Oh, and I have a chemistry lab test immediately after the break and a biology lab test two days later.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

This Week in Nail Art: Week 7

This week, I've been extremely busy. In fact, you've already heard all about that. It's meant that I haven't had much time for the more extravagant of my usual activities, such as nail painting. That means that this week's post is a bit of a repeat, and it's going to be a short one.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

The End of An Era: Good-bye HMV

There's a theory about kids who were born in the 1990s. The theory is that because technology has changed so much since we were born that we experience a form of nostalgia that shouldn't really be possible based on the short period of time that we've been alive.

The 90s kids were the last to be born before Google was created (sorry kids born September 5, 1998 or later), and they grew up with cell phones changing at rates we couldn't understand, Internet evolving vastly in a short period of time, and new forms of better and better electronics are created all the time.

I remember what it was like to have dial-up Internet and be considered lucky, I remember having a cell phone without a touch screen, having to carry a Walkman level to keep the CD from skipping, having tape players in the house, watching videos on VHS and having to use a rewinding machine... There are so many things that have changed vastly over the past two decades that I've been around.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

What. A. Week. & Looking Forward

It’s another later evening post today, and it’s been a hell of a day, I have to say.

Next week is the official week of midterms, but the assignments, tests and stress have started ahead of schedule. On Tuesday, I had a Biology test, which I actually think went pretty well, but other than that it’s been a mediocre week. I got back two marks in the past two days that were quite disappointing actually, a 75% on a Biology lab, and a 65% on my Physics test from last week. Neither are really up to my standards, and that has made this week even more frustrating to me.

I also have been working with a group on a project that is due tomorrow, also for Biology. Everyone knows that working with groups can be difficult, and while I actually really like all the people in my group, I do not think it would go well if we had more group projects than the only one we’ve had all year so far. Just some miscommunications going on, plus having multiple strong personalities can be difficult too. I’ve always been a leader in group projects, and I’ve struggled this time to step back and let someone else take charge. I completed my research and writing for the project, and hopefully tomorrow it will all go well and after it has been turned in we’ll get a good mark!

I decided after today being a particularly hard day that instead of doing a heavy post on here, I should talk about some exciting upcoming events, and give you some more details on what’s coming up in the next little while.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Getting an ECG

I have officially failed as a blogger, yesterday I said that I was going to be making a short post about going to get blood work and and ECG, and I totally forgot to do so. So, here I am today, hoping for those of you who are interested I can make up for it!

If you didn’t read yesterday’s post, you can do so here, but I will also give a short summary here. I have multiple types of chronic illness, and recently I have had a new symptom show itself. My heart rate is unusual in that it greatly increases if I go from sitting and standing, and standing to moving or working out. It’s to the point where the doctor wants to keep an eye on it, and has asked me to keep a heart rate journal. Along with that, she decided to send me for an ECG when I went for my check-up blood work. I’m going to talk a bit about the blood work too, but mostly I want to focus on sharing my experience with the ECG.

For anyone out there who has to get an ECG and is a little concerned about it, I hope reading this post will help make you more comfortable with it!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

In My Life: Living With Chronic Illness

It feels so strange to have taken a break from writing for the blog yesterday, but as I mentioned last Saturday, it is really important for me to focus on my school work this week. The good news is that my break definitely paid off, at least in relation to my Anatomy and Physiology test that I wrote this morning.

I did just alright on the multiple choice section, I’m not exactly sure how many I got right or wrong, but I know that I absolutely killed it on the short answer section. I know for certain that I got 100% on three of the four short answer questions, and at least half the marks on the fourth question. I feel a lot better now about my mark in that class, and my project for that class on Friday is going well too.

But, the fact that I’m focusing harder on my school work doesn’t mean that I’m ignoring the blog. I have something to talk about today that is very important to me. That is partially because it’s something I haven’t talked about yet on this blog.

If you’ve recently visited my About Me page, you may have noticed a few little differences since I first made the blog live.

One of the changes I made was to talk about the chronic illness that I live with. I’ve mentioned it in passing before, but I have not yet gone into depth talking about how my life has changed because of it, and what it means for me.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

This Week in Nail Art: Week 6

It's finally time after my one week hiatus to bring back This Week in Nail Art!

While I had originally planned to get out today to go to the gym, I woke up not feeling my best, and when I lifted the curtain in our bedroom I was faced with this:

It's cold and it's rainy, and combined with not feeling so great, I took it as a sign from the universe that today I should stay home, do lots of homework and make this a really great blog post. Even with the rain, I think I did a pretty good job of getting decent photos with the lighting I was given. As a side note, how lucky are we that we have such a beautiful tree right outside our window? 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

I'm On Fire

I'm on fire. Or at least, this week that's my goal.

This morning, as I sat for more than three hours pushing my way through self-guided math lessons, I realized just how fitting this post today would be.

In addition to my full-time college schedule, I am currently taking an upgrading course that will make me eligible for my university program by covering my math prerequisite. Balancing the regular schedule with my upgrading schedule has been a bit stressful, to say the least.

I spend 21 hours a week in class for college, with 1-2 hours of self-directed lab, and an expected hour of homework for each hour of class. Thankfully, I don't find I actually spend an hour doing homework for each hour in class, but the total hours required for my college classes is probably 40 hours a week. The upgrading math course is 20 self-guided lessons that I have until the first week of May to finish. I am currently done three of them, and I am halfway through the fourth. My goal by the end of tomorrow is to have five lessons finished, which will put me into the second unit.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Adventures in Ottawa: Try Something(s) New!

What do bath bombs, shawarma, toilet candy and 94% alcohol have to do with each other?

They're all things we saw in our one day spent in Ottawa.

For today’s post, I’m continuing my journaling of my trip to Ottawa last weekend. Today I am writing about what we did on Saturday, before the baby shower. If you want to be all caught up, you can read yesterday’s post here.

Originally, I had planned to see a good friend of mine, Abby, who I haven’t seen since I lived in Ottawa. Unfortunately, early Saturday morning I got a message from her that said she had a fever and was feeling very sick. We decided that we’d meet up next time I was in Ottawa instead.

Exciting (To Me) Announcement

Some of you may have heard on my other social media that I had an announcement to make this evening. If you did, I'm so glad that you came over to check it out. If not, I'm glad you're here anyways!

Some of you may already know that I have been a very active member over at ChickAdvisor for the month of January. You can view my profile here. I actually was one of the TopChicks for the month of January (and received a $10 Indigo gift card for that), and I love being able to leave reviews for other people who may be looking at certain beauty, food, wellness or other products. I'm especially happy to do so for the people who have sensitive skin and who are looking for products that won't hurt their skin.

It was a great month and I reviewed 110 products last month. It was a lot of effort, but it was fun for me.

Anyways, more on the point of the announcement:

ChickAdvisor has a program they call their Product Review Club. If you are a member who provides quality reviews, you are eligible to apply for the chance to review certain new products. If you're accepted as one of a limited number of people who will get to review the product, you are sent a full size version of the product to keep after your review!

The only catch is that you have to review your product within one week.

Throughout January, I applied for a few different ones. I don't even remember which ones I applied for, but today I got a happy email!

I've been chosen as one of the people who will be trying and reviewing
La Roche-Posay Ultra Micellar Water!

Specifically, I should be receiving the version that has been formulated for Dry/Reactive skin.

The main focus of this blog, when it comes to beauty especially, has been on affordable products. This is a bit of a higher end product, but it still something I would consider to be on the more affordable side of the line, as compared to Estee Lauder or any of the brands you'll find at Sephora.

I just don't want you to think this marks a change in the blog, because I'm still going to be reviewing from my personal perspective of a college student who really doesn't have much spare cash!

I am so excited to have this opportunity to review a product I may not have tried otherwise, especially as I was just talking about a week ago that I'm not pleased with my current micellar water. I will be sharing a full review on both ChickAdvisor and here at the blog. Make sure you keep your eyes out over the next few weeks as I wait for the product to arrive!

If you want to make sure you don't miss my review, follow me on Facebook and Twitter! I make sure to share every time I make a new post, and you'll get a few shorter bits that won't otherwise be on the blog.

-Erika Elise

P.S. Keep your eyes open for my major blog post tonight! I've been working on it all day to make sure it's the best writing for you here.

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Our First Road Trip

Matt and I have been together for almost two years now. When we began dating, I was only 17-years-old, and we were both in Grade 12. We’ve been lucky enough to spend so much time together, and to see each other grow up over the past two years.

Part of Matt’s growing up has included him learning to drive and getting his G2, so that he can drive without a fully licensed driver in the passenger seat. It has been an absolutely blessing for us, especially because his parents have been so kind that they let him use the car pretty much whenever he needed it. Last June, Matt took another step forward and got his first car.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

An Un-Orthodox Baby Shower

The title image for my post about my uncle and aunt's baby shower in Ottawa

If you were to ever meet my family, you'd know that there is no way a regular baby shower would be the right choice. Especially so for my mom's youngest brother and his wife, Jal and Melodie. My mom's brother, my uncle, is only ten years older than I am (so he will be turning thirty this year), and he and his wife can both be described as having that kind of nerdy-cool, alternative vibe that is increasingly popular.

They're the kind of people who made it cool to invite your friends over to play board games. They had a non-traditional and totally beautiful wedding a few years ago (I think three, but forgive me if I'm wrong). They'd probably be the first to tell you that they're not cool, but I really think they are, and I'm so thankful for having them in my life. I was just telling them this weekend that when people ask me why I'm such a big social activist that I have to give credit to Melodie, because over the past decade she's influenced me a lot with her own activism. Melodie is actually in the middle of working on her PhD, which is super cool all on it's own, besides the fact that she's also busy growing and soon to be raising a baby too!

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Snapchat for the Blog: Hit or Miss?

If you read any of my blog posts last week, you probably know that I was using this weekend to try using Snapchat for blogging for the first time. I was hoping that it would work well to share what’s going on with my readers easily and quickly, in between my regular blog posts.

If you didn't know that, use this Snapcode to add me (@ErikaEliseCCB)

The good news is that it works well for that. I can share little bits of anything I’m up to, whether I’m on the road, in a store, doing something really interesting or doing nothing at all. It’s definitely useful for that, and I can see why it’s so popular for bloggers and entertainers to use. It’s great for showing a little window into your everyday life, and the My Story feature is a great addition to the app specifically for that.

Monday, February 06, 2017

Back to The Grind: A Collective

After a fantastic weekend away from my usual responsibilities, we arrived back home last night just before 11:00 pm. I immediately had to start and finish an online quiz for my chemistry class, but besides that I had a whole weekend away from all school work. It was great.

We drove the six-hour trip both ways, we went out during the day for an adventure in Ottawa, we had some great food, saw my family, went to my aunt and uncle's baby shower, and had a great time overall. I haven't been back to Ottawa in over a year since I made the decision to drop out of university, and move six hours away from what had been my home for thirteen years, so it was an emotional weekend too.

Unfortunately, I was not able to see my friend Abby, as she caught the horrid flu that was going around, but I guess that just gives me another reason to head back to Ottawa in the next few months. Of course, that's among other things.

Today, I'm back at school for the first day of my fifth week of the semester, and I'm already missing the freedom I had this weekend. Everything went so well, and I have lots to talk about. Right now, I'm just catching up on school work and all that, but it's a great week upcoming for blog posts! I may have missed my This Week in Nail Art, but I'm going to make up for it this week with quite a few more posts.

Make sure you keep checking back this week for posts about the following topics:

- An Un-Orthodox Baby Shower
- Taking Matt to the Asian supermarket for the first time!
- Our first road trip together (+ getting ready for an even bigger trip)
- Trying foods we can't get at home
- Being behind in a subject for school
- Trying Snapchat for blogging
- Family and the stress that comes with it
and probably even more!

I will link up the major posts as they come up, and they'll all be accessible via the main blog page or through this post.

Talk to you soon!

- Erika Elise

P.S. How was your weekend? Anyone else do anything exciting? And, what do you want to hear about my trip?

Sunday, February 05, 2017

In My Life: Weekend Away Update

Happy Weekend, everyone!

I wanted to make a post just to let you know that I haven't forgotten about your or posting here.

I will be delaying my usual weekend posts, including This Week in Nail Art, so that I can spend these last few hours with my family and then drive home to do homework before tomorrow. But, this week will be full of lots of posts, and I can't wait to share with you about what I've been up to. It's been a busy weekend, and there are so many things to talk about.

I hope you're all having a fabulous weekend, and you'll hear from me soon.

- Erika Elise

Friday, February 03, 2017

Reminder: Snapchat This Weekend!

TGIF, everybody! Consider this your big reminder to add me on Snapchat before my trip this weekend!

My username is ErikaEliseCCB (or without the capitals, erikaeliseccb). You can also use your smartphone to add me via the Snapcode image above.

Look at how easy that is! Do it quick, now, before you forget!

I am going to be posting lots of Snaps to my story this weekend, as a trial of using it for mini-blogging. I'd love to have some extra people seeing what I'm up to this weekend, and I open and look at all Snaps sent to me. I am so excited for this weekend, and so excited to make Snapchat a part of this blog.

- ErikaElise

P.S. Leave me a comment below to let me know when you've added me!

Thursday, February 02, 2017

In My Life: Home from School and Some Housekeeping

Hello everyone, and Happy February! 

First of all, I cannot believe it's been more than a whole month now since 2017 has begun. I swear it was just a week ago that I was back at school starting my fourth consecutive semester, but here we are with tomorrow marking the end of my fourth week of the semester! 

There are so many things coming up in the next few months I can hardly keep track. Valentine's Day isn't such a big deal to me, as I've never been a huge fan of the consumerism and materialism that surrounds it. Instead, I prefer to do little things and big things with my boyfriend, Matt, whenever we have the chance. I love him every day, and honestly part of it is just that everything gets bumped up in price for the 14th of this month!

Things I am looking forward to include: Reading Week, because Matt and I are going on vacation together for the first time, and road tripping to Illinois to see Thomas Rhett; my graduation from Pre-Health Sciences coming up in April; the Dean Brody concert with the James Barker Band and High Valley, the week after graduation; finishing my upgrading math course the first week of May, my 20th birthday on June 21; Matt's first ever smash up derby in August; and in September, starting university for the second time!