Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Gone Fishing

One of my favourite summer pastimes involves sunshine, some fresh air, a lot of water, some colourful little bits, and a really long line. Yep, that's right, it's fishing.

Am I very good at it? No, not really.

Do I catch many fish? Also a no.

Do I still have fun doing it? Absolutely.

Matt and I finally got this year's fishing licenses on Saturday evening, and bass fishing just opened a week or two ago, which meant it was going to be time to out for the first time this season.

And, the past two nights, Matt and I spent fishing at different local places. Two nights ago we tried the marina right in town with very little luck, but last night we had a little more luck at the recreational canal.

Within the first five casts, Matt caught this guy here:

Unfortunately for this poor little guy, he got the hook caught right in the gills. Matt did his best to get him out as quickly as possible, and he swam away pretty darn fast.

He was a pretty big guy, especially for so early in the day.

Matt was very happy with his catch, especially after having such poor luck the day before. Nothing to scoff at there.

I, on the other hand, was much more enamored with this family of ducks. This mama and her six babies were swimming pretty quickly around us. I'm glad though, because it made it certain that we weren't even going to come close to hitting any of them.

Matt was not so happy about how much I loved the ducks, because I was actually entirely missing him catching the aforementioned fish.

Besides that first fish, we actually didn't catch any others yesterday. We had a couple pretty good bites, but nothing that actually involved pulling a fish out of the water.

What we hadn't been anticipating was the very dark grey clouds that were literally surrounding us. It was pretty wild to see the clouds grow darker and darker, and get closer and closer. We could literally see the rain in the distance. Then, the lightening started, but we could barely hear the thunder in the distance. We were quite concerned that it was going to come our way, and that we'd have to leave, but it never did.

I was taking a video of Matt casting his line, and managed to catch a few strikes of lightening on film too. It was so cool to watch it happening, and now I can prove it, too!

The storm pretty much hit all around us, but never made it over top of us. The clouds seemed to just keep appearing out of no where, because at first this other side was quite clear.

Eventually though, we did get hit by some rain. However, it was a sun shower, without the grey clouds above us. As we were heading into sunset, this made it extremely beautiful. I managed to catch this fantastic shot.

An absolutely gorgeous double rainbow over us and the canal. If you look closely at the canal, you can see the raindrops hitting the surface too. The rainbow just kept getting brighter and brither, with the colours appearing more clearly. Then, we were hit by the double rainbow over top of it.

The sunset also meant that we were right in time for the beautiful golden hour for taking pictures. I was just in such a good mood, regardless of my lack of success in catching fish, and the photos definitely reflect that.

I loved the way that the water just looked almost like watercolour paints. The reflections of the sky and clouds made it so unique.

Matt was also very happy with the weather and the fishing. He was not happy that I made him stop for a few minutes to try and get a good photo of us doing it. Oh well!

It was also a fun day fishing, because I got to try Matt's fishing rod with a baitcasting reel on it. It's a little more complicated than an open-face reel, but I really enjoyed using it. Matt has had some trouble with it, and says he actually prefers his open-face rod, which worked out well for me. 

It takes a bit of skill and practice to get good at it. Instead of just flipping open the reel, casting and letting go of the line, you push the button down, put your thumb on the reel, cast and let go, and then you have to put your thumb back on the line to prevent it from tangling up. You can adjust the tension, the brake and a few other things. It takes some getting used to for sure, but I was doing well, and I really liked the action required to use it.

Matt was pretty impressed with my success at using it, so I will probably continue to use it for the season.

Overall, I had a great time and I'm so excited to go again when we have the chance!

What's your favourite summer hobby? Have you learned any new skills this summer, so far? Or what are you planning to try? Leave me a comment below to let me know.

-Erika Elise