Thursday, September 07, 2017

Introducing The Creative Clever Beautiful Bucket List

A few weeks ago I wrote about some changes that would be coming to the blog. Mainly, I said that there was something that I was adding to the blog, but I didn't tell you what it was. Well, the day is finally here that you get to find out what it is!

If you look above in the pages bar of this blog, I have created the Creative Clever Beautiful Bucket List!

I'm going to be adding and checking things off my new official bucket list as I think of them or as I achieve them, and I would love for you to head over now and take a look at what is on it. Some of them I've already finished because it took me so long to perfect it to the point where I was ready to share it with you. There are over 200 items currently on my bucket list, and I am so excited to work on completing them. I'm also still working on creating more goals, and I'm sure that it won't be long before it hits 300.

Here are some highlights from my bucket list:

  • Visiting each of the 50 states in the United States
  • Going on a resort vacation with Matt
  • Moving out of Matt's parents' house
  • Donate blood for the 5th time
  • Milk a cow
  • Write my will
However, I can't show you too much of it here and now, because I need you to click that tab above and go visit the page! Or, you can also click here.

Once you get there, you can also read about why I wrote this bucket list, and why it's important to me. I think everyone should have one, and maybe reading mine will encourage you to get started on yours. Check it out now, and then leave a comment here to let me know what your favourite of my bucket list goals is!

-Erika Elise

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

First Impressions

This morning, I was two minutes late to my first class at Brock University. It was BIOL 1P91, the first semester Introduction to Biology course. I was late because I wanted to make sure that Matt and I had something to eat, and to continue our tradition of getting breakfast on our first day of school.

This morning, I was two minutes late to my first class, and there were no seats left by the time I got there. In an entire auditorium, there were no seats left. And, it's not like I was the only person left standing either. There were probably around 30 of us who were either standing in the back or sitting on the stairs in one of the aisles.

The professors told us that there are 1000 of us taking this class. The largest class I've ever taken before this had around 100 people in it, and by the end of the class we were down to 40. When I went to Carleton University, I did have a class with around 400 students in it, but I don't count that one because I didn't finish the class. Even still, this class more than doubles that number.

So, I wasn't the only one standing. And, I was far from even being the latest student to arrive. There were some people who showed up behind me at fifteen and even twenty minutes past the time that the class began. I'm not so worried anymore about the first impression I left on that teacher. Partially because I doubt I'll even talk to him more than five times over this semester.

Regardless of that event, it feels a little strange to be back at university. It's definitely a very different atmosphere than there is at college, and Brock is, as you could expect, much different from Carleton. It is definitely making a unique first impression on me.

When I was going to Carleton, I planned ahead and moved to Ottawa early so I could find my way around better, which was definitely helpful. The school was large, but it was friendly and fairly easy to navigate. There was an entire network of tunnels underground that could take you around to most (if not all) of the buildings on campus. It was right next to the Rideau Canal, and it was just, well, big.

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Hello, Fall!

As much as I love summer, my favourite season is fall, by far.

I love the weather, the colourful leaves falling to the ground, the holidays, the pumpkin spice everything, and being able to wear sweaters and other cute clothes. And, I love that most of the things I'm allergic to go away. On top of that all, I am also a huge nerd and I am super excited to get back into the swing of things with school.

Starting this week, I will be attending Brock University to study Psychology and Child and Youth Studies. The combined Bachelor of Arts degree will help me get closer to my goal of being an Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist or Speech-Language Pathologist. In just two days, I have my orientation! It's weird to think that I'm going to be a freshman for the third year in a row, but at least this year will be more productive in the grand scheme of things.

On a similar note, my job at Walmart is going well. We're down one of my coworkers in the Dairy department because he's gone for co-op for his school program, which means that there have been lots of hours for those of us who are left. I've been working 30+ hours every single week! It's been good for my bank account, though Matt and I have managed to spend a lot of it. I will continue to work through this school year, with somewhere around 20 to 25 hours a week. I'm hoping it won't be too much for me with school going on too.

Obviously this is not for the date of our concert because it's in Ottawa, but this gives the general idea.

One of those things that we spent all our money on, and another thing I'm looking forward to this fall, is another concert! Matt and I are going with his younger step-brother Hunter to see Dallas Smith perform in St. Catharines in October. We saw Dallas Smith in July at Trackside and it was so good that we decided we needed to see a show where he was the headliner. The opening acts are Lauren Alaina and the Cadillac Three, both of which we are looking forward to as well. Hunter has never been to a concert before, so that's exciting too! I think it's going to be a goal of mine now that I take each of Matt's siblings to their first concerts. We've already got Tyler's done, and now Hunter's is coming up in less than two months.