Monday, October 02, 2017

No Notoriety

I know I have not been active lately, and there are multiple reasons for that. However, today's post has nothing to do with that.

Today's post is about Las Vegas. It's about Edmonton. It's about every other terrorist attack that has happened in recent history.

It is beyond time that we stop broadcasting the names and images of serial killers and terrorists. If they have been apprehended, or killed such as the Las Vegas terrorist, we need to start referring to them only as terrorists. This is it.

No more sharing their names. No more calling them "lone wolf".  No more excusing them via "mental illness". No more sharing their graduation photos or family photos. No more talking about "why they did what they did". No more talking about their "good" past. No more attention, no more praise. No notoriety for violent criminals who did nothing important other than end the lives of others. No more standing out or identity for them.

Do not give them the attention they wanted, because this gives validity to what they did.

They are not valid. They are not valuable. They are not worthy.

Share messages of love, the names of those they injure or kill, pictures and stories of those who lost their lives without choice. Those who were caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Share their aspirations, their lives, their dreams and their accomplishments. Remember, share and love them.

Copy cats don't need any encouragement, and neither do the groups of people who are behind these acts of terrorism. They are not worthy of our time, and I will no longer be giving it to them.

They are disgusting, they are incomprehensible, and they are nothing more than a disappointment.

Don't give them more power. Enough is more than enough.